Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Day Three: 30th March. Tidy mind, tidy stitches. 2KCBWDAY3

Ask anyone who has to see my art room on any day other than when it's just been tidied, and they will tell you I live in an unorganised messy chaos. Some people would see my art room after it's been tidied and still think that!!

Whilst I recognise this thing people refer to as "mess", I prefer to think I live in an organised chaos. I know a specific piece of paper is under a specific collapsed pile. (Unless I've decided to tidy said pile and put said piece of paper somewhere safe. Then I'll never see it again, believe me.) I know I last used a particular pen/brush/crochet hook in that particular corner/room/country, and I can generally track things down...

Well, until I can't. Then my husband and my Mother both groan in unison as they spend the next hour/week/decade searching for whatever it is I've mislaid. I still haven't found everything since I moved house a year ago!

As for my crochet and organisation... Well, my source of wool is my parent's loft, where my Mum has it organised by colour. Apart from the 4-ply, which is currently in 2 mixed up bags in my art room... And my current "borrowed from Mum" pile which is extremely organised for me - in a rucksack by the sofa where I work. Then there are random balls scattered on various surfaces round the house, going back to various projects over the last few months... My crochet hooks are in the old Jaffa Cakes tube I inherited them in. Well, apart from the ones on the lounge coffee table haha!

It may not be all in one place, which would make it appear disorganised. But I know where it all is, so it must be tidy :)

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