Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Being Creative March: Garden

Something a bit different today! I've been having a tough few weeks or so, so still no art or anything I'm afraid :( I did manage to get into my art room at the end of last week tho, for the first time in ages. It was lovely to be back!

Over at her blog, Julia Crossland has started something called Being Creative, where each month there is a theme to follow to simply be creative, with no restrictions. This months theme is Garden, and I thought it was a nice theme to pick up for my Mother's Day cards...

Just a simple stamp I embossed and coloured, before mounting on suitable card :)

That's all today folks!


  1. Hi Helen :)
    These are really lovely cards- v pretty and perfect for Mother's Day!! :) It was heat embossing that got me into cardmaking in the first place years ago... don't do it that much anymore but I should, it's like watching magic!!lol
    Sorry to hear you've been struggling so much- glad you made into your artroom for a bit though and hope you'll feel well enough to do more soon!! :)
    hugs, Rachel x

  2. Thanks! Yeh, I love watching it. I first got into cards when my sister used to make them and sell them - I was in my early teens, and she gave me jobs such as doing heat embossing, or peeling the back off double sided sticky tape ;)
    Thanks, I hope to get back to art a bit more soon... Hope you're feeling ok!
    Helen xx

  3. Hi Helen!

    Fantastic to see how you used the theme this month, I love your cards! Im sorry to hear you've being having a tough time recently, I hope things start looking up for you. Thank you for joining in with Being Creative, it's lovely to have you in the group :)

    Love Julia x

  4. Thanks Julia!
    It's lovely to be part of the Being Creative community, and thanks for stopping by :)
    Helen x

  5. I love your cards! Is great to see the different ways people have interpreted the theme. x

  6. What a lovely idea. The cards look great.

  7. Very pretty. Great idea for Mothers Day.


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