Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Day Two: 29th March. Skill + 1UP. 2KCBWDAY2

Ah, amusing. My skill level a year ago, compared to now?! A year ago, the only time I'd picked up a crochet hook was when I was little and would look through my Mum's workbox to see what there was to play with! Altho, I did enjoy some knitting when I was young - I knitted several toys actually! I could never pick enough speed up for it to come naturally though, and it was a real labour of love. I think I still have an octopus on a pair of Mum's needles somewhere in my parent's house... Hmm...

Anyway, it was the magazine series "The Art of Crochet" which spurred me on. Saying that, I missed the first issue, which was the only one I wanted, and my back issue didn't come through til the summer! It was nice to have the hook, the wool, and the instructions placed in front of me, and I think it was January just gone I picked it up. The thing is, just learning stitches by making squares seriously bored me, so I decided to just throw myself into something and hope for the best! The biggest issue? I cannot read crochet patterns. Blame it on inexperience, blame it on brain fog, blame it on my hatred of foreign language, but I cannot read them... Fun!

I was fortunate enough to find this Youtube tutorial for flowers, with written instructions I could attempt to follow along with it! It was so so useful to see, for example, where the hook should be inserted, and where the wool should be at any given time. I picked it up really quickly, and soon began adapting it!

But, there are only so many uses for flowers in life (I think, anyway... There's certainly a limit on how many you can make before closing your eyes and still seeing flowers!) So when I saw this Sea Pennies tutorial I couldn't resist trying something a bit different! I've adapted several elements to get the Sea Pennies the size I need, but they're looking lovely!

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