Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Nearly Finished!

Well, the last few days have been manic.

Thursday, Friday and Saturday were spent making sure all the text was finished, as well as the highlights on the feet, and the eyes.

On Sunday I had a few last minute touching up bits to do, and today the first coat of varnish went on. Tomorrow will hopefully see the second coat of varnish go on, and then he should be dry in time to be returned to base on Thursday. Most of the photos at this stage are very same-y, just showing the painting of the letters, but here's a few of the latest anyway!

Lettering finished, and half way through painting eyes. (Do you like how 99% of my photos are taken at night?!)

The finished eyes, altho I think they still needed neatening at this stage. I decided against the eyebrows, as the only penguins that have eyebrows are the ones that have the huge yellow eyebrows, and I thought he'd look stern with black ones :) I'm aware the eyes don't quite look forward enough when you stand in front of him, but I thought they'd look odd from the side if they went any further forward, verging on cross-eyed, so this made sense!

The back at this stage.

After first coat of varnish today:

I've also hopefully going to the Lady Lever Art Gallery on Friday to meet with the people behind the scenes of this, which I'm excited about!

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