Saturday, 24 October 2009

Long time...

Well, progress has been incredibly slow the past week or two due to pain, fatigue, blah blah blah... Then the other night I realised that I need to have all the painting done this weekend, so it's been a crazy 2 days!

DO I LOOK LIKE I HAVE AN INVI is now finished, touched up, everything. SIBLE has 2 coats, but needs touching up, and DISABILITY has one coat. Tomorrow will see the text finished. Today I also added shading to the beak and feet, and tomorrow will see George given some reddy-brown eyes at long last! I wanted him to have either blue eyes, or green-brown, but red-brown is the more common colour for penguins (apparently!), so it seems only right! I think the shading and iris details is what elevates him from a simple penguin anyone could paint to somepenguin with more class :)

In the aforementioned state, now raised on a table for ease of painting lower down.

His stamp of authenticity, craftsmanship and ownership!

Shading on his beak. (Interestingly you can also see his eyebrow shapes in the picture, not too sure what I'm doing with them. Don't really want him to have black eyebrows, so might just leave them white... We'll see!)

Shading on his feet. The tips of his "toes" have a paler orange, with a deeper orange between the "toes". Really enjoyed this shading actually, much preferable to big blocks of colour and intricate letters!

So painting should be finished tomorrow, and the varnishing can begin! Assuming I have enough varnish, especially with the crack in one of the jars...!

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