Saturday, 7 May 2016

Sunburst Cushion

About this time last year I finished my rainbow crochet blanket (and matching granny bunny!) Upon finishing, I found I had a lot of the coloured Stylecraft DK left over, as you may have noticed by the amount they have been popping up in other crochet projects! I really wanted a cushion to go with my blanket, one that reflected it but didn't match perfectly. I considered a few styles, but eventually settled on the free Terra Cotta Sunburst pattern by Regina Weiss.

I began with the grey centre and then cycled through the colours in the same order as I used them in the blanket, using a 4mm hook. One side of the cushion expands from watermelon to daffodil, and the other side from daffodil to watermelon. I then did a round in grey, a round in back-loop-only to start expanding the edges, decreasing once between each "sunburst point", and 2 more rounds with the same decreases.

I lined both panels with some fleece I had lying around, and slip stitched the two panels most of the way together. I stuffed it, and then stitched the closure shut. It has made a nice, uniquely-shaped pillow that goes really well with my blanket.

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