Saturday, 2 March 2013

Works In Progress

Things are still very difficult around these parts... My health is still making it very difficult to write a sentence; our house is in progress; and I don't have a very nice week ahead of me. Finished projects aren't really happening around here just now, and my plan for 1 big project a month during 2013 has failed miserably thanks to everything going on. Sigh.

Anyway, to share something a bit more positive with you, I have two works in progress!

Yes, this is a Christmas stocking. Yes, it is March. I figured the only way I would ever even start to make it through my Christmas to-make list was to work on it all year round! A long way to go, though... And I'm going to be awfully cheeky and save all the finished posts until November ;)

Can you tell what it is yet? Seriously, cookies if you can work it out. Or Creme Eggs, maybe? The box is there to give you an idea of the scale this project is. It's big. And not even half finished. And yes, there are 6 sides big grey pieces. Rather boring to crochet ;) Very good for taking places though, as no pattern to follow :D Anyone want to block it for me?!

So yes, hopefully I will have more exciting stuff to share soon! There's definitely a few cards in the works...


  1. Sorry to hear things are tough at the moment Helen.
    Great idea to start projects so early - I should do that too!
    Its not a Pandorica is it? I might have to ask RW Jnr for inspiration - he's more of a Star Wars officianado!
    Hope things start to get a little easier soon
    Thinking of you
    Ali x

    1. Thanks Ali, your support is appreciated :)
      For once, I'm afraid it's not actually Star Wars related! It is more on the gamer side of geeky...
      Helen x


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