Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Tried and Tested Tip Number 27 [Ornate Crochet Butterfly I]

Included in my list of crochet butterfly patterns that I wish to try are several ornate designs from My Picot.

This particular butterfly is pattern #7006, and can be found within the butterfly section.

The butterflies in the patterns are ornate, detailed and beautiful. But they are also even more complex and fiddly than they look! They have not been quick and easy makes for me (I have tried two different designs so far, I'll share them all with you over time). Although, my difficulties haven't been helped by having to learn how to read crochet diagrams as I've gone along (I'm used to a written pattern), and discovering new stitches too! My Picot do have a great section on crochet terms and symbols, which has been invaluable reference! And... I may have altered the pattern slightly at times, when I thought there was an easier way to achieve the same look!

This butterfly is worked in a fine wool with a 2.5mm crochet hook, and measures approx 13cm across and 10cm high. As fiddly as I am finding these patterns, I am determined to persevere! I am sticking to this colour scheme, and I think they will look beautiful as a wall display when I am done!

Have you ever tried any My Picot patterns? How have you found them?


  1. Wow Helen what a beautiful butterfly - and very ornate - it is well worth the perseverence! Hope to see more!
    I fluttered over the website - a really great collection of intricate and delicate creations - might try one sometime - when I have the concentration and patience!
    Ali x

    1. Thank you! They definitely need concentration and patience haha!
      Helen x


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