Thursday, 3 January 2013

Printers Cloth - 50 Years!

I was chatting with my Dad earlier this year, and he happened to mention that it was 50 years since he first used a printing press. And what better way to recognise that than with a personalised printing cloth? :)

I've blurred it out on the first photograph for privacy, but round the edge I have stitched my Dad's name, "50 years of printing", and the main places he has been involved in printing and typesetting in that time.

The centre image is "The Compositor", which originally came from a book on the subject by Rudolf Koch. The outline is stitched, and I added the colour by applying black Tulip Gellies with a paint brush. It gives a nice shading without overwhelming colour.


  1. What a special gift for your Dad. It's too lovely for him to actually use.

    1. Thank you :) I think he's hoping to frame this one! I made him some more generic ones earlier this year, and he hasn't even dared use them yet!
      Helen x


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