Friday, 11 January 2013

Mr Skittles [The Giant Sock Monkey]

I may have made a lot of sock monkeys over the years, but I have never made one for myself...

I loved the socks I wore on our wedding day, and knew that an identical pair would make for an epic sock monkey, and with a special meaning.

I used a sewing machine for the long seams of the legs, arms and tail, but handstitched him together [though I cheated slightly and glued the eyes on!] I also handstitched a heart and our wedding date next to his tail :)

Whilst a pain to photograph, his limbs make him feel like an octopus, and he can wrap himself round everything!

I wanted a colourful name for him, and Skittles sprung to mind, hence his name, Mr Skittles!


  1. Wonderful! I love this!
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    Come join, it's live now!



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