Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Christmas Pud and Dolly Mixture Ice Creams!

[BBC Good Food's Ultimate Vanilla Ice Cream with chunks of Christmas pudding! Absolutely gorgeous, but the flavour is quite strong, so make sure you like Christmas pudding!]

My husband bought me an ice cream maker over the summer - yay! So far we've had strawberry ice cream, raspberry ice cream, and these two gorgeous ice creams!

[Heston Blumenthal's Dolly Mixture Ice Cream. A slightly odd flavour, but definitely dolly mixtures!] 

And you know you're becoming ice cream obsessed when Heston appears in a dream and compliments you on it... Haha!

Have you ever made any exciting ice cream flavours? Any you would recommend?


  1. Looks so delicious! I have never made ice cream. There is a great café in the nearest, where they have home made ice creams, so when I want something special, I go there.

    1. Thank you :) Ice cream is pretty easy when you have a machine to do the churning/freezing, thankfully! The cafe sounds lovely :)
      Helen x


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