Friday, 16 November 2012

Christmas Cards

Last week I was fortunate enough to spend some more time with my Dad in his printing workshop! We worked on a couple of projects together, including some Christmas cards!

This design was actually inspired by another artist who he had been working with a few weeks earlier. She had been printing without ink, to leave just the impression, and on dark textured card it looked really stunning. My Dad had also experimented printing with varnish, and on the paler card I was using this really brought the lettering out.

I was torn between the typefaces Koch and Locarno, I think I decided on the former, although they are very similar! Simply embossed with varnish on a Vandercook proofing press, on to some beautiful handmade paper. I have then mounted this on a textured cream card, textured matte gold paper and a simple white card.

I find it fascinating that when my Dad worked in letterpress, it was important to produce a clean print with minimum impression, almost so it did not look printed... Nowadays letterpress feels all about adding texture and pushing the paper for a deeper impression, and I think I know why. Computers, laser printers and inkjet printers can churn out perfect image after perfect image - we need the hands on traditional techniques to produce items with character, charm, and an innate uniqueness.

I've also just added a new category over on the right filled with everything printing and letterpress: lino cuts, lino printing, typesetting etc!


  1. Your impressions really make a statement! Fabulous Helen- and your stunning photography certainly sets them off!
    Ali x


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