Saturday, 2 April 2011

Day six: 2nd April. Something to aspire to. 2KCBWDAY6

There is a project I intend to take on within the next month or two. I understand for many it isn't much, but I've never even attempted a Granny Square before, and I want to take on a cushion sized one!!

This is my complete and utter inspiration, although I will be changing the colours! Do have a look, because it is beautiful!

If anyone has any really good tutorials, potentially written in plain English you could point me to, I certainly wouldn't complain ;)

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  1. I'm doing this weekly challenge too, its been really fun blogging every day!
    I love the cushion you've chosen, I am thinking of doing a granny square cushion too soon! My best recommendation would be to look at how they make the granny squares in the art of crochet (I subscribe too!). On the back of the page with the confusing pattern they write it out normally with pictures! I'd also recommend practicing with just the squares first too! Also, if you need any help I can translate the pattern into english for you :)

    Sam xx


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