Friday, 22 April 2011

Being Creative April: Desserts

I have lapsed slightly with April Drawing Month, however I did draw every day for 2 weeks, which I am extremely proud of! My health has also improved slightly, which is allowing me to be creative in some form everyday. Yesterday I managed to get my sewing machine going, and completed my Big Crochet Project - I will share that soon!

Over at her blog, Julia Crossland is running something called Being Creative, where each month there is a theme to follow to simply be creative, with no restrictions. This months theme is Dessert, and I decided to dive into my archive of photos to find something to work from - baking is one of my passions away from art!

I decided to go back to the Mint Choc Chip Cupcakes I made last October, and do a pencil sketch and a watercolour sketch. I was originally aiming for an acrylic too, but that ended up in the bin - my head just wasn't in the right place! But, enough waffle from me, here's my finished sketches:

Being Creative: Desserts by ~bicyclegasoline on deviantART

I'm pretty pleased with them - especially the sponge texture in the watercolour. It's also got me out of my painting lull, and as an artist that is priceless :)


  1. OOh they all look good enough to eat...such amazing chocolate chunks!! A terrific trio of delicious desserts!
    Ali ;-)

  2. Wow, I love those, especially the watercolour. The 'desserts' theme didn't click with me being a definite savoury girl, but I'm looking forward to next month's 'home'.

    I haven't come across the Big Crochet Project so look forward to seeing your reveal!

    Have a lovely weekend, Hx

  3. You are very talented! They look good enough to eat, I'm definitely a dessert person


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