Sunday, 3 April 2011

Day seven: 3rd April. Your knitting and crochet time. 2KCBWDAY7

Well, this feels like an end of an era! OK, it's been a week, but it's the first week I've posted here every day! At least this will hopefully give me more time to commit to the April Drawing Challenge!

My crochet time has to occur at a very specific point. It is always on the sofa, under my brother in law's old Superman duvet, watching the TV. Saying that, it's where I have to spend most of my waking hours anyway, so it's hardly a surprise!

The precise difficulty for me, is being well enough to sit myself up enough to fiddle around with the wool, and having my hands and arms to be pain and cramp free enough to hold the wool and crochet hook. Sadly the last few days this hasn't been possible, so I'm slipping further and further behind on the project I wanted to complete!

I don't generally plan when I'm going to crochet. I get very bored watching TV, and like to keep my hands and brain occupied, and crochet is what I turn to when I'm able. Saying that, I generally have a mug of tea, or some sort of sustenance with me to keep me going :)

Oh, I also have whatever computer game my hsuband is playing in the background... The "moos" and "clucks" from Minecraft is probably most common. And need I mention when our bunnies escape?! The crash-bang of the initial leap, followed by their scurrying to get away from being put back, with my rush to protect whatever my current projects are!

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