Thursday, 24 September 2009

The Long Night

Today I went over to town for the Long Night, part of the AND Festival I stopped for a bit to watch the big screen, and I think the happenings were part of that. The camera on top of the screen was pointing down on the people in the square, with the footage being projected live on to the screen. Someone was obviously sat in the building to the side, and they were moving their hand across the screen, and tickling people, squeezing people, picking people up, poking them etc. They were also making chirruping noises in the background - it was hilarious!

It gave me a good vibe about the city, and it made me realise how much I'd missed in the Capital of Culture year. Grr M.E.!!
We sadly couldn't get into the Ventilation Shaft tour - it all looked closed off, and I'm wondering if you could only see it as part of the tunnel tour... We managed to get up the Cathedral Tower tho! Annoyingly they sent us the wrong way, and we missed the lift :| We were not happy! The views at the top were marvellous tho! Just a shame we missed the sunset...

Coming down we met a woman and she was impressed to hear we'd managed it with ME!

Then I really wanted to try and get to the Walker Art Gallery, and a couple of other art galleries just to soak up the atmosphere and see what was going on - but the steps up the tower had killed Kurzon and me big time and so we just came home. Sad, but health has to come first, and there's always next year!

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