Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Banksy @ Bristol

This morning we were up very early, and had made it to Bristol by 8:20am!!! Kurzon parked whilst I joined the queue. There were people giving out free hugs too :) The queue was in several parts. The first bit was about 40 people outside the museum doors. Then it missed a bit, and it went back to a steep hill, which snaked up and down 5 times. At the top of the hill the expected queueing time was 2 hours. We joined in the road just beyond the hill, but we were right at the front. However, the exhibition didn't open til 10, so we still had to queue nearly 4 hours :P But hundreds of people queued behind us, so some of them must've been turned away eventually. Anyway, when we eventually got to the bottom of the hill, we got a cool Banksy stamp on our wrists, and then we eventually made it into the museum. Was amazing!!

We went in, and the first room you were sorta shepherded through pretty quickly, and into a smaller darker room. Photography was allowed, but no flash, and this room was fairly packed. One end featured a set up of his work space, with his stencils etc. Was really cool :) Then the rest of the room was just paintings of his. I think what really amazed both of us was that the paintings where it's a classic with a graffiti twist, he hadn't just used prints, he'd repainted all the classics! He is truly an amazing artist, it even won Kurzon over!! :D

Then we went through to another room with big cages in. One had a security camera, which moved slightly, with 2 baby security cameras sat in a nest, like a Mummy bird with her chicks :) Then another cage had an aged Tweety. There was a monkey sat painting, but with barbed wire round the top of the cage - what I'll be like if Creative Chaos takes off ;) And a bunny sat there trying make up on (cosmetic testing) and a fur coat wrapped round a branch twitching - it seriously looked like an animal tho!

Then we went upstairs, and he'd put little funny things round and about the normal exhibitions. I got photos of most of them, but the one I didn't was a penis in with all the stalactites/mites etc haha!

I would seriously recommend this exhibition tho, it was wonderful! Just odd with his anonymity tho, normally you come away from an art exhibition brimming with information and technique, today I'm just brimming with vibes (and a few concepts of course hehe).
[Apologies for lack of photos, I'll try and upload them at some point!]

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