Friday, 11 September 2009

Tate Exhibition: Colour Chart: Reinventing Colour, 1950 to Today.

"Colour Chart: Reinventing Colour, 1950 to Today."

It was fantastic, especially as I was working on a Colour textbook last year, so it meant a lot to me!

Walid Raad
Interesting contrast between stark images of Lebanon, and brightly coloured dots based of colours of ammo-related-ness.

Andre Cadere

He used to carry these round with him, and the colours are in a pattern, but he made a mistake on each one so they didn't become too orthodox. I enjoyed finding the mistakes ;)

Blinky Palermo
This guy used stripped of coloured material to create canvasses - cool idea!

Lawrence Weiner
Simply the words, WITH A TOUCH OF PINK, WITH A BIT OF VIOLET, WITH A HINT OF GREEN on the wall. Very emotive, very striking, and really allows the viewer to conjure up whatever emotions and images they want :)

Daniel Buren
His artwork had been used to create unusual but effective waistcoats for the curators, really quite cool! Just white a single colour stripey :)

Angela Bulloch
She had these six screens, which were just mesmerising! I didn't realise they changed colour til I'd read the blurb, they do it so subtly, but it was really wonderful! Based around the 256 colour system of Mac OS 9 (ah, those were the days!! :D )

Francois Morellet
This is way more impressive than it looks! 40,000 squares, 2 colours. He opened up the phone directory and worked thru the numbers. For an even digit he used one colour, for an odd digit he used the other, Impressive! I wouldn't have the patience to do this, or another piece by...

Jennifer Bartlet

And her Equivalents... Small dots in squares?! This many?! Never :P Rubbish picture to try and express this, ah well...

David Batchelor
Now these were cool. Shiny and on the floor. Me and Kurzon both wanted to walk on them haha.

Richard Serra
Video, filmed on 35mm film (yay!) of him removing pieces of paper from a stack to reveal different colours. Yes, you see his hand every time, and yes, he has enhanced the sound of the paper lol!

Jim Lambie
LOVE LOVE LOVE!! Made form vinyl tape, set up by curators wherever it goes, starting on the outside with a set colour, following a set pattern, and finishing the middle with whatever is left over! I got slightly distracted walking along the lines :P I LOVE this, and want a room in mine and Kurzon's place with this for the floor, and for the walls...

Damien Hirst
Please note, I mean the circles not himself! Kurzon is now debating marrying me, esp as I want a rotating circluar bed as well... Hmm. Ah well, proposed to me today, so I'll be fine :)

Mike Kelley

Now... His work... It involved "Sex to Sexty" comics, arranged in grid formation, with colours in the place where he had editions missing, with the colour taken from a nearby issue, really very cool! Me and Kurzon were able to look thru them, and say which ones we found most amusing, and I had to try and guess which were his fave... An interesting exercise! "Are you ready for marriage? Guess your fiance's favourite comic sex images and find out!" Ahh... To give you some examples, there was a witch "riding" a broomstick, and a naked guy running along with a watermelon in a specific place :D

Ed Ruscha
It doesn't look much, but he'd made his own inks from substances, very cool!

He'd also done a whole sketchbook on stains - a lot of the art students there didn't get it, but I think it's something I wanna try haha, very up my street ;) Some of them were using his work to draw from tho simply cos it was "easy" o_O

John Baldessari
This was classic. Each day for six days he went into a room and painted it all a different colour. No joke. My 3 thoughts?
1. I am not repainting that much if Kurz is indecisive when we're married ;)
2. Big Brother task?!
3. It'd be toxic by the end ;)

Gerhard Richter
I love this concept of how a simple colour chart can become a work of art :) (Was also nice to see a 3D version of a colour wheel on display too!)

Byron Kim
This was fascinating as each panel was the skin tone of someone she'd met, and they all come together to make a piece of art, yet they each individually stand as one too :)

Cory Arcangel
I loved this, as it played a police chase one line of pixels at a time, but it was stretched to form stripes. Really rather cool!

Jan Dibbets
Now, this really inspired me, with a collection of photos of cars, all taken so close up that you couldn't tell what they were. I need to find a subject matter to create something similar with!! I do a lot of macro photography, but a set of 6 photos, all of the same subject, in different colours etc would be fascinating to do!

Bas Jan Ader
This video really amused me. It's a boring video of a man arranging flowers. But it's based on Mondrian's colour scheme of black, white, red, yellow and blue. And whereas Mondrian worked in squares and rectangles, very structured, rigid formula, this video reflecting him was using movement, flowers, organic-ness. Such a great contrast!!

Ellsworth Kelly
And last but not least I'm including this simply cos I got funny looks when I said to Kurzon that it reminded me of Tetris/Mac Boxicon. He agreed hehe :D

Rauschenberg, Warhol, and Duchamp all made appearances too. Always feel a bit in awe to be in the presence of their work, even tho I've seen some of it before. Just love it!!

As ever, you can query how much of it is art, how much of it deserved to be there. But i think all of it fitted this criteria from Britannica Online Encyclopedia, of being "a visual object or experience consciously created through an expression of skill or imagination". And they inspired me and brought me enjoyment :)

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