Sunday, 28 January 2018

Plane Card

I don't blame you if you've lost track of all my nieces and nephews, I think I do sometimes too! I think I can count nine of them these days, and one of them celebrated his third Birthday last month! I spent a while trawling through the Cricut Design Space to see if anything caught my eye... Well actually, a dragon caught my eye first. But it was just one of those Cricut disasters - I think I was trying to cut too intricate an image from too thin a paper on too small a scale! But then I found this little plane, and I fell in love. OK, slight exageration, but it is adorable! This design is number #M3F228 from the Wild Card 2 cartridge. I cut the base out of plane white card, and the clouds out of a hammered white card because I love the additional texture! The plane is cut out of various cards I had in my stash - it's not a standard colour combination but I think it's funky. I added some final detail with gold Liquid Pearls - it reminded me of little rivets holding the plane together! :) I love how this design stands up with the clouds pushed back, giving it greater depth, and it has such clean lines.

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