Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Plane Card

Have you ever heard of Wallies? I first found Wallies about 15-16 years ago, when I used their products (specifically their funky flower stickers) to decorate my bedroom walls. Wallies are a brand of sticker designed for wall decoration. They're really great, however I have found they are very difficult to locate in the UK - typical! As part of the stash I inherited last year I received a set of "transport" Wallies, including fire engines, cement mixers, trains, tractors and planes. They are great brightly coloured images which are quite useful for card decoration!

This card features a plane Wallies sticker mounted on some beautiful cloud paper from an old issue of Craftseller magazine, and some blue paper from my stash. The Wallies are designed with an adhesive back which is activated by a damp sponge, but since I was making a card I simply used Pritt Stick. I wanted the card to have a 3D element, so I cut out an extra propeller from matching orange paper and attached it with a hinge. It can fold flat for an envelope but open out for display!

Such an easy way to create a really graphically stunning card :)

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