Friday, 22 July 2016

Crochet Starfish

One of my many little nephews recently celebrated his Birthday, and I found this cute wooden book called "Little Shark" for him. It has a finger puppet shark in built into the book who features on every page, and who the story line revolves around. I wanted a little something extra to go with it, and since in the story Little Shark befriends a golden starfish, a thought that would be the perfect addition!

The starfish is made using Tangled Happy's Tangled Happy Star, although I increased the centre of the body by an extra round to reach 40 stitches. This means that each point on the star starts with 8 stitches, and it makes a slightly larger star. I made two identical stars, stitched a face on one of them and slip stitched them together. The wool is Hayfield Bonus DK and it is crocheted with a 4mm hook.

Hopefully it will make for a happy story time :)

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