Saturday, 9 April 2016

Sweetbriar Sisters' Adorable Autos

Oops! I made these vehicles all the way back in July 2015, and yet somehow never got round to blogging them... I find that happens sometimes, and I only realise when I come to reference an earlier project and it's not on my blog! That's the main reason I maintain this blog, just to have an archive of (nearly!) everything I make. I find it especially helpful for recollecting how I made a project, or rediscovering past inspiration.

Anyway, I made these for one of my nephews (yes, I'm always making children's toys, I have a large family!) I used the Adorable Autos pattern by Sweetbriar Sisters, specifically the car and van elements. They design such beautiful patterns, I shared the giraffe I made using their pattern here.

I machine-stitched the main pieces together, and enjoyed the fiddly handstitching of the windows and wheels! My only issue with this pattern was that I found the shape lost some of it's definition when I was sewing it up, but this may just be my inexperience of making 3D objects! I still love the idea of adapting this pattern to trains, but my felt train pattern was certainly easier!

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