Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Star Wars: Battle Droid

So this would be the latest (and craziest) addition to my collection of Star Wars crochet amigurumi characters, a Battle Droid. Why crazy? Just look at that structure! Pipecleaners to the rescue. And maybe my glue gun in places, but we won't talk about that. And no, no pattern I'm afraid. But if you have a go, prepare your patience...!

I wrapped wool around pipecleaners for the super skinny bits, as I felt it gave a nicer finish than crocheting over them. He is complete with back pack and blaster too! He couldn't exactly stand up on his own (I think if I was to start with a sturdy metal frame which I crocheted around it would be possible, but not this time!) so I made him a little stand from a disc of cardboard and a wooden dowel. He can be removed from the stand, but it helps for display purposes!


  1. Anyway to get the pattern for the Battle Droid? I teach a boy with autism who loves this and I would like to make it for him if I can figure out how.Thanks!

    1. Hi Sherry, I'm afraid I'm not well enough to write up a pattern for the Battle Droid, but good luck if you have a go!
      Helen x


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