Monday, 25 January 2016

Minecraft Torches

I find Minecraft weird. Why? Because about 4 years ago my husband and I would spend hours in Minecraft, probably too many hours, to the point that we moved on to other games. And yet Minecraft seems to have had a rebirth with a younger generation, my young nephews are suddenly talking about it non stop and parents are complaining about it taking over life. That's not something you often see happening.

So whether these Minecraft torches were primarily made for my husband or my nephews to enjoy cannot be said, but there were smiles all round - especially when they realised they actually worked! Although, now my husband wants enough to light a whole room... looks like I'll be busy.

You can find the template and some instructions here. I don't have a laminator (sadly) so I skipped that step. I also found the design in the instructions was designed for single use, assuming your light switch was on the underneath of the candle. To make these torches reusable again and again, I had to make some adaptations... Firstly, I inserted a length of cardboard tube inside to increase the sturdiness. I then glued each tealight into a small ring of cardboard tube, so it could sit inside in the right place (you only want the yellow area to light up, not the brown). I added a tab made from acetate on the inside for the closure tab to sit inside of, just to keep it more secure without adding shadow. It's a little fiddly, but my current solution!

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