Saturday, 11 July 2015

Sweetbriar Sisters' Giraffe

I have been drooling over Sweetbriar Sisters' patterns for such a long time. Buying them when they've been on offer or I've had voucher codes, and hoarding them for later use. I normally end up crocheting toys, but eventually took the plunge and decided that for her 4th Birthday, my niece would be getting a fabric toy!

 photo IMG_0028aa_zpsbu0gd6qf.jpg

This particular pattern is Gerald the Giraffe. I made him using interfacing, yellow stripey fabric left over from my wedding bunting, and a bright red cotton left over from my wedding placemats! His tail uses more strands than recommended, with some left over wool and ribbon.

 photo IMG_0029aa_zpsereg0wxg.jpg

He came together fairly quickly and easily, although I confess to not pattern matching the stripey fabric, and there's some puckering going on... Sewing the curve between the legs was so difficult for me! I think he's super cute though, and I would recommend the pattern. I might just have found the confidence to make more!

 photo IMG_0031aa_zps6pn11gyc.jpg


  1. Gerald is indeed super cute, Helen. I'm sure your niece will love him.


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