Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Crochet Cross

I innocently thought that a lacy style cross, in a thin wool and with a small hook, would be quick and easy to crochet. Erm, not the way I went about it!

I started with this pattern. I proceeded to get very confused, so moved up to a larger hook and DK to work it out. I *did* work it out, but it was very time consuming, and I didn't have the patience for it! So I looked into some more crochet cross patterns, and came across this. Was this my first attempt at this pattern? Nuh-uh. My original attempt at this pattern came out much bigger than I had hoped for (bearing in mind I was hoping the cross could be used as a bookmark), so after some fiddling I adjusted the pattern slightly. I based this on the Pattern 2 (and don't do what I did and start reading one pattern in one translation and then suddenly find you've scrolled and are now following a different pattern half way through!) Anyway, in the end I did fewer repeats on each arm, and also used double crochet throughout (yarn over once, whichever country that is!) I then used the second new edging as the basis, but on a smaller basis, maybe sc, dc, sc repeat? I just kept scaling stitches down, basically.

And so ends a useless ramble. I loosely stitched it to some card and packaged it up in some clear wrap, lovely little gift :)

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