Saturday, 9 May 2015

Crochet Bunny Rabbit Snuggy

Remember my elephant snuggy? Well they may be my new go-to baby gifts... I love that I get to combine the fiddlyness of some amigurumi with the simpleness of putting together a granny square! This was another one that I needed to be gender neutral, and I think the brown balances the purple out nicely.

This bunny was made from a bit of a pattern pick and mix...! I used the same pattern I used for the elephant snuggie for the granny square, the head and the arms. For the ears, I began with this pattern, worked up to row 7. On rows 8, 9 and 10 I decreased 2 stitches on each row (i.e. I decreased 18sc to 12sc over 3 rows). And then the last 4 rows were just 12sc.  There was a very specific rabbit-ear-look I wanted! S/he's super cute and I would have happily cuddled him/her myself!


  1. These snuggly blanket toys are timeless - popular throughout the generations. It is so nice to see them being made again. Not only that, my family are fans of bunnies! Lovely work and it is nice to have found your blog through Annmarie's Haakblog. I hope you are having a good day when you read this message.

  2. That is Adorable! I love bunnies but a snuggly bunny is even better

  3. What a sweet snuggie! I love it!

    I am featuring this at this week's Yarn Fanatic Party!

  4. Love your animal snugglies, Helen. Makes me think I should re-learn how to crochet.


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