Thursday, 2 April 2015

Bunny Bunting [Great for Spring!]

I'm afraid I've been a naughty blogger... Not only have I not posted in over a month, I can't find the source of my original inspiration for this bunny bunting! You will find it in various forms across the internet though :) We are bunny-mad in our household, and when I saw this idea I knew it would be perfect to decorate the area of the house which our rabbits spend their time playing in. But, it would also make a great spring time craft, especially if you throw some spring colours and pretty papers in :)

It was a lovely simply make, textured card from WHSmith, fork pom poms (I still don't love the method, but I tied them slightly differently and trimmed them down, and they worked for this!) and some twine I had to hand - I wanted to use ribbon but I didn't have any in the right colour/length/width combination! Always the way. I enjoy a bit of craftiness decorating the house, and with my husband always in mind, this is cute without being garish!


  1. Fab idea Helen - love the effective simple design - though appreciate how much time and energy it must take!
    Ali x

    1. Thanks Ali! I'm lucky I photographed it when I did, as one of our bunnies has since had a nibble at it!!
      Helen x


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