Thursday, 16 January 2014

Crochet Hook Case

If you like me on Facebook (something I recommend if you want sneak peeks!) you will be aware that I have been doing some sewing this week, but I haven't let on exactly what I've been making!

I was fortunate enough to inherit most of my crochet hooks from my Nan. They came in a 90s cardboard Jaffa Cakes circular tube, and whilst I loved that my Nan had put them in that, I wanted something more practical for my own use.

I spent a while scouring the internet, but couldn't quite find any tutorials which suited what I wanted: a fabric rectangle I could roll up, with a lower row for smaller hooks, and a higher row for longer hooks and knitting needles, with lots of room for me to expand my collection! So, some brain storming with my husband, and we came up with this design. This would probably be an afternoon make for most people, but I was thrilled to have made it in less than a week!

And even better, the only expense for me was some more thread... The outer floral fabric is from a pair of old curtains I received from a kind person on Freegle, and the inner denim is from an old pair of my jeans - the great thing about wearing flares is that you get a lot of fabric!! [The top of the jeans were used in this skirt!]

Assembling it worked out fairly simply...
  • A large rectangle of floral fabric for the outside, with some ribbon added when it was finally assembled.
  • A large rectangle of denim for the base of the inside.
  • A rectangle half the size for the tall pouches for knitting needles, sewn on to the inside base.
  • Two long thin rectangles for the short pouches for crochet hooks, sewn together and then attached at intervals to the tall pouches. [This has also added bonus pockets between the short and tall pouches, which I lined with more floral fabric!]

I'm so pleased with it! What do you store your crochet hooks and knitting needles in?


  1. Replies
    1. Wow Helen - your crochet roll is Fab!!
      So well worked out and just the way you want it! Ideal!!
      I keep my hooks in a clutch type bag I had as a teenager (more than three decades old!!)
      Ali x


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