Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Tried and Tested Tip Number 7 [Keeping Yourself Creative]

I think something that can be a real challenge is keeping yourself creative. Especially if you're busy, and don't have much time to sit down and really get stuck in.

This is where a simple sketchbook and pencil come in!

Last year I took part in April Drawing Month, and to help make sure I drew every day, I put a sketchbook in my bag.

Keeping a sketchbook in your bag means you can pull it out in hospital waiting rooms...

Down at the river's edge on a summer's day...

Or in your parent's garden!

So grab a sketchbook, or just a small notebook, grab a pencil or pen, and throw it in your bag! Instead of pulling your phone out next time you're stuck waiting somewhere, pull your sketchbook out instead. Doodle, sketch, draw, make notes, jot down thoughts... Let the pages lead you, and don't worry about finishing drawings or making things perfect - the important thing is that you are creating.


  1. I always used to have a small notebook, pencil and possibly even some crayons in my bag when my son was younger to keep him occupied while we were out...I got out of the habit of replacing it...but perhaps I should...just for me!! Thanks for the tip Helen.
    Ali x

    1. I think you should, it's a great habit to have :) Let me know how you get along!
      Helen x


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