Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Tried and Tested Tip Number 6 [Fur Effect with Wool]

I don't know about you, but sometimes I come to crochet something, and I want it to look furry. Of course, one option for this is mohair type wool, but this can be a bit fiddly to work with... So here's a solution to use the wool you already have, and still get a great fur effect, which you can control!

Here you can see a sample of the wool I was using, just simply crocheted. (For reference, I've used one strand of 4 ply pale brown wool, and one strand of 4 ply dark brown wool, as it was the colour scheme I needed, but you can use whatever you want! One strand, four strands... Red, purple, blue... Anything!)

And here's the finished effect when it's all brushed out. A brush for use on pet hair may be good for this, but I use a very fine sturdy plastic comb.

You can really tease the wool out. Rough it up at different angles, or sleek it in specific directions. You can see in the above Chewbacca that the pale wool has brushed out more than the dark wool - this is because it was a "fluffier" wool to start with.

This was a very different wool - highly textured anyway.

And with a brushing it became super fluffy! Different wools will give different effects, so there are lots of opportunities for experimenting!

Great for crochet and knitting projects :) If you have a go I'd love to see!


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