Thursday, 15 March 2012

Star Wars: Yoda

Walking stick made from a Christmas tree branch, and glued on.

I got to choose which present the husband opened today, and I went for my favourite of this little series... Yoda! He was one of the later ones I made, and I may have gone a bit more overboard with detail!

Eyes, eyelids, noise and mouth embroidered on, and his wispy hair brushed out (tutorial coming soon to Tried and Tested!)

Lightsaber attached to his belt ready to go! Made in the same way as Darth Vader's handle.


  1. OOOOh fantastic he is! Details I love! Right down to those eyelids and flowing cape!! Such a great present for your husband....May the force be with him and Many happy returns (of the Jedi) on his birthday!!
    Ali x

  2. LOVE this star wars collection <3 amazing. do you sell any of these helen? x

    1. Thanks Hanna! Whilst I'm not actively selling, I'm happy to make a few on a commission basis if you're interested :) x


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