Monday, 23 January 2012

Mixing It Up.

I don't think I've ever really talked about my baking here... But I love to bake! I love to lose myself in my kitchen, turn my music up loud and just create - and try not to care if it all goes wrong! (Although, my husband is very good at stepping in when the roofs on gingerbread houses collapse, or I max out our scales half way through adding sugar to flour...) I'm even hoping to get a stand mixer soon, which will make it easier!

As I mentioned on Facebook, it was my Birthday this weekend, and this was my Birthday cake :) The whole thing was made with this chocolate cake recipe, filled and covered in "normal" buttercream, and topped with fondant (marbled with Christmas Red and Navy gels), white chocolate buttons, and buttercream roses :)

I assembled it the night before, having never made a tiered cake before, and it stayed standing - woop!!

You can see a few other bits of my baking here, and my rather popular Minecraft cake here.

I'll resume shop postings soon, but I have a few really stressful weeks ahead of me, so sorry if I'm a bit quiet. Cheer me up though, and have a look at my shop :)


  1. Helen your cake is absolutely magnificent..if it tasted only half as good as it looks it would have been delicious. I just want to reach out and dive into those amazingly squidgy tactile and perfectly formed buttercream roses.....I am a huge butter cream fan! I love the contours and intentional wonkiness it adds to the artistic and architectural masterpiece that it is. How fabulous. So glad your brilliant creativity extends to your kitchen!
    Will be thinking of you over the coming weeks hope you find some creative time to lessen the stress a little.
    Happy belated birthday and love your 'about me' photo.
    Ali x

    1. Thank you Ali for all your kind words :) I'm not much of a savoury cook, but give me sweet food all the way! My husband caught that picture of me on my birthday - it's not often I get in front of the camera! (And then I discovered I hadn't updated my "about me" for 2 years... Oops!
      Thank you again,
      Helen x

  2. omg wow helen. this is amazing. i wish i could do this! what icing do you use, and how do you get the marble effect on it? x

    1. Thank you Hanna :) Top tier is buttercream icing (just double the amount of icing sugar to butter); half of it coloured with red and blue gels to make purple; and then both put in a piping bag (alternate blobs) and using a star type tip, make spirals from the inside out.
      The bottom two tiers are fondant. The marbled effect in the bottom fondant was made by adding some red and blue gels to the fondant after I'd softened it and just kneading it until it had reached the point I wanted. Knead further and it turns purple!

      love x


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