Sunday, 24 July 2011

Being Creative July: Summer

Let me start by revealing how I created the photograph shown in my previous post, Camera Experimentations. It is simply a green bottle top placed over the lens. It produces some really interesting effects, and I'm hoping to build up a whole range of different coloured bottles to use :D

Anyway, this month's theme over at Julia Crossland's Being Creative is Summer.

I was originally very excited about this theme - thinking applique ice creams, flowers, layers of paper and watercolour paintings. Pastel colours, bright colours, so much fun. But... Life happened - namely two benefit forms which both me and my husband had to fill in within six weeks... Doesn't sound much until you know that there are about 20 questions, each taking an hour to answer. Each. And it took all our energy to do an hour a day, so I haven't even seen my art room recently. Oh, and my sewing machine broke, which didn't help, although my husband may have fixed it... Will find out this week!

Anyway, we had a wedding yesterday, and the card I made for them feels lovely and summery to me. It is a new design for me, and it is probably one of my favourite cards I've ever made, and I make a lot haha!

So yes. At least I was able to create something this month, even if it wasn't much. Oh, I also crocheted my first granny square, to go in my Fabric Journal. It was so much easier than I expected!!


  1. That's a really nice design - and flowers to me are most certainly Summer! A really nice contribution to the group, thanks for sharing :)

    Love J x

  2. What a simple but effective summer design Helen.
    How frustrating to have all those other summery ideas too and have to postpone them to fill in those nightmare forms.
    My head is often stuffed with creative stuff desperate to get out!
    Really pleased to hear you have created crochet for your fabric journal...hope we get to see it sometime?!
    Ali x

  3. Such a lovely card, and I love those sweet, delicate little flowers! :)

  4. Lovely card - very pretty and summery.

  5. Thank you everyone! It's lovely to find so much creative support online :)
    Ali - I've just shared a photo of my latest Fabric Journal page here, enjoy!


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