Sunday, 8 May 2011

Today I'd like to take you on a journey...

To a corner of New Ferry, Wirral, and the Butterfly Park that resides there...

Now, I've lived on Wirral all my life, and I had never been to the Butterfly Park until today. So, what made me visit? Well, I'd recently seen a call for an artist in residence over at Art in Liverpool, and I was intrigued as to the results! The artist who received the residency is Carol Ramsay, and she and other artists have done some wonderful installations!

The Butterfly Park itself is based in an old railway siding of the Bebington railway, shown by the ocassional railway sleeper or area of track exposed through the grass, flowers and shrubbery. The area was looking abosultely beautiful in the glorious Spring sunshine. There weren't too many butterflies around today, though I believe I spotted both a Cabbage White and a Large White, but the installations more than made up for it! Here are a few of my favourites:

Towers - Hayley Parfitt 
Several towers of bricks, almost hidden in the long grass behind a fence.

 The Glass Tree - Leandra Holder & Chris Turrell-Watts
A tree full of beautiful glass flowers and butterflies, each unique and sparkly in their own way :)

 Elastatone - Emma Kemp & Chris Colville
A musical structure of tubs, wood and glass bottles - great fun!

The outside of the new caravan-visitor's centre, built by Carol Ramsay.

New Ferry's Butterfly Park is open 12 - 4pm, each Sunday until August, so do head down and check it out :) The people who own the land what to get rid of the Butterfly Park and build houses there, which would be a great loss to the area - they need all the support they can get!


  1. Hello Helen :-)
    Saw you have joined my fine arts journal, so here I am to visit you.
    I love this post and I do agree with you about finding beauty in the ordinary everyday.
    Have a wonderful day x

  2. Glad you enjoyed visiting the Butterfly Park, Helen, and thanks for joining our blog. You are welcome to come along to any of our events or take photos on our other reserves. Details are on our website.
    Wirral Wildlife


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