Thursday, 26 May 2011

Latest Creation and an Exhibition!

Hello :)

First things first today, I owe you some creativity. Here's some Mini Sock Monkeys I made recently... Like Mr Sock Monkey and Master Sock Monkey made previously, but with smaller socks!

As with most things you'll see on here, I am always open for commissions, so feel free to contact me and we can discuss your requirements.

And in other exciting news, my photo of Pleasant Street Board School will be on show in the Capture Liverpool exhibition in Liverpool One from 27/05/2011 until 25/06/2011. It's a free event, so I recommend getting down there to see some great local photography! I believe the photos are also open for public vote, so if you think my photo is the best, then be sure to vote!

Pleasant Street Board School by ~bicyclegasoline on deviantART

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