Sunday, 3 October 2010

"'Outsiders' In" @ The Corke Art Gallery


If you're in the local area you're sure to know that the Liverpool Biennial is currently taking over the Liverpool art scene in it's normal fantastic way.

Yesterday, me and the husband called in to the Corke Art Gallery on Aigburth Road to catch the last day of the exhibition "'Outsiders' In", featuring work by many famous worldwise street artists, including the likes of Banksy.

I love discovering art galleries like this one. It's not in the most direct of places for me, but it is well worth the trek. The atmosphere is warm and friendly, and the owner Nic is chatty and seems so enthusiastic. Photography is welcome, which is great for people like me, and the space is clean and bright, even when packed full of great art.

I'm just going to comment on a few pieces of work which stood out to me...
This is my second exhibition of work by Banksy, and a gorilla poster from his Bristol show made an appearance!
Bestie's "Day Out at Nurenberg" caught my attention for the use of accetate over painting - it produced fantastic outlines, and is a technique I intend to implement myself.

SPQR's "See No More" is another piece which caught my attention. I love the fact that this style of art works on canvas, and I love the fact it's in an exhibition. It just screams to the world of the complaints about graffiti, whilst also making such a point about how the country is watched itself. Yet on canvas in a gallery is so far away from being caught on camera on the streets!
And I won't deny a tear caught in my eye when I saw the Superlambanana in that state - can you imagine if someone did that to George?!

Nic has put some photos up on Facebook if you wish to see more...


  1. I'm not massively "knowledgeable" about art, I really love Banksy's style and would love to see some of his work "in the flesh"... I've just added this poster to my birthday/christmas/wish list.

    If I weren't so far away, I'd totally be checking out that exhibition too! :) xxx

  2. Ahh I love that poster! I did a big project on graffiti for my A level art, and I made stencils of that girl and used them and stuff hehe, was much fun!


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