Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Painting Now by Kate Fielding & Luminosity of Light by Simon A Yorke @ The Corke Art Gallery

Last night me and the husband returned to the Corke Art Gallery for the private viewing of their next exhibition as part of the Liverpool Biennial. This exhibition features Painting Now by Kate Fielding and Luminosity of Light by Simon A Yorke. Fielding's paintings are huge canvasses, truly abstract in form, with paint thickly spread on. It is not until the artist herself starts to point out a park bench here and a cat there that you can truly start to see the world through her eyes. At first glance, the paint appears haphazardly applied, then you look closer, and there is such detail expressed.

Moving out of the main rooms of the art gallery, and into the hall, the office, and the dark barely lit back room is moving into another artist's head. Yorke has been a buddhist for 18 years, and his paintings built up of over 100 layers of paint show his journey with his faith, and his explorations of life. The pictures are full of light, colour and movement, and we stopped a while to talk with his parents about the meanings behind them.

If you like abstract art, this is an exhibition of two artists with local roots which is well worth seeing - you've got til Saturday!

Oh, and I Found A Pound!

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