Thursday, 10 November 2016

Crochet Teddy Bear Snuggy

Another baby entering my circle of family and friends, another crochet snuggy made :) I say another, because I've previously made an elephant, a bunny rabbit and an owl. I wonder what creature will be next?! I chose a lovely warm brown wool for the teddy bear, and complimented it with some cream and grey from my stash, and some green and yellow Stylecraft still leftover from my rainbow blanket!

I worked the granny square as per normal, remembering the tip to change direction each round to ensure it stays square. I struggled to find a shape I really liked for the teddy bears head, but settled on one from Edward's Menagerie, I think it was the tiger! I did the arms like the other ones, and stitched on a nice big teddy bear nose. There's something so cheerful about a big squishy teddy bear nose :)

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