Saturday, 8 October 2016

Elegant 30th Birthday Card

When it comes to friendship groups, I have a tendency to be the youngest. Maybe it comes from being the youngest sibling, but I have always gravitated to those older than me. To this extent, over the last few years, I have watched those closest to me turn 30, whilst I'm still a baby at 26! It's interesting how quickly we as humans change from being so excited as youngsters to be a year older (my nephew's biggest complaint on his 3rd birthday was that he wasn't 4!) to fearing that extra candle on the cake. Anyway, I wanted a beautiful, classy card for a dear friend who recently hit that milestone (30, not 4), and this is what materialised on my desk.

I used an oval template to draw the zero, and designed the "3" myself - I had a vision in my head! I cut the numbers out from a pearl card, and mounted them on the beautiful floral paper using 3D sticky pads. I wish I could tell you where this paper came from, but I received it from someone else's stash - it's beautiful! I mounted this on white corrugated card (I really need to find somewhere to buy more of this) before affixing to the card. I thought the card needed some sparkle, so I attached mini gold gems to finish. I used a product called "micro glue dots" to attach the gems, and my mind is blown away by how much easier it was than using glue, and also how firmly they stuck!

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