Friday, 18 December 2015

Christmas Cross Stitch Hangings

I apologise that these are not the most wonderful photos, but I wanted to share these with you. I love stitching mini Christmas cross-stitches, but I never really know what to do with them. Yes, they could be used as Christmas cards, but they're a lot of work for something so disposable. They could also be Christmas tree decorations, but when you have as many as I do that becomes a bit crazy! They can be mounted in proper frames, but this can be difficult to store for 11 months of the year.

 In the end, this was my solution. I trimmed the edges of each cross stitch so they were all the same size. Using double sided sticky tape (we'll see how that holds up in time!) I mounted each cross stitch on some thick card. I arranged them to have a vague theme or colour similarity. These take up very little room to store, but allow them to be displayed at Christmas!

[This one is attached to my rabbits play area - their own personal Christmas decoration!]

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