Saturday, 20 June 2015

Tapestry Crochet NDS Lite Case

First up, background story. Two months ago I excitedly bought my first Nintendo DS game in a couple of years. I got my old original NDS out and... it wouldn't turn on. Great. My husband came to the rescue gifting me an NDS Lite, and I began chucking it into my bag to carry around with me. Yeh, not a good idea, it was going to get scratched quickly! So I decided it needed a case, and it was the perfect sized project to try a new technique with!

I decided on tapestry crochet, and chose this pattern. I had to adjust the number of repeats to fit with the wool/hook I was using, and the size I needed it. After doing the zigzags, I decided I wanted to change it up a bit, and added the row of hearts. I like touches of girliness in my life :)

I also added a contrasting patch pocket, which can hold an extra game. This case is only intended for nipping out with, not permanent storage, so just the one pocket was enough for me! I finished it with a dark navy zip, just for easy closure.

I like tapestry crochet. It annoys me a little bit because stitches (obviously) don't line up properly, and I struggled to create a more complex pattern because of this. But it creates a nice sturdy piece of work, and it was fun to do. I also like that it worked up in rounds, and at the end I had very few ends to run in, and no joining to do!


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