Monday, 1 September 2014

Beach in a Jar

I recently wanted a gift for a friend, which would bring the beach to her house. Thanks to my husband's hotdog obsession, I have quite a collection of these large simple jars, and they seemed ideal to fill with beachy finds.

I simply filled the jar part way with sand, which can be tipped out and played with or left inside. I collected some stones and shells from my local beaches too - these can also be played with, or arranged in the jar to create a beachy scene. The jar can be arranged upright or on it's side, and extra feathers and driftwood and anything else can be added as it is collected!

As well as bringing the beach to people who may not get out very much, these would make a great memory jar for a beach holiday, and a way to present all the little finds that beaches just seem to present to hands!


  1. What a fabulous idea Helen!
    I have handfuls of shells unceremoniously stashed all over the place...not on display...just abandoned! Found some in the car the other week!
    Perhaps I should hunt, gather them and display them...
    ...thanks for the beach reminder too...fab for a midlands city dweller!
    Ali x

  2. Thanks Ali! I'm not sure I could ever live far from the coast! :)
    Helen x


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