Sunday, 15 June 2014

Father's Day Cards - Inspired by Craftseller Magazine

Cards. For. Men.
Did everyone collectively shiver?! Not an easy project!

I am not Craftseller magazines biggest fan (maybe a post on that another time?!), but when I saw the free "masculine" papers in their latest issue, I knew I needed to make the most of them, and push me slightly out of my comfort zone! 

I don't use that much patterned paper, but these came together with nice designs, a nice colour scheme, and without the normal stereotype of sport, beer and suits! I added some silver from my stash to lift the matte-ness of the papers; and broke out my new 1" circle punch too!

I added some textured cream card to this one, and my 1cm circle punch added some extra details, although reluctantly as it really needs replacing! I love the juxtaposition of the angular stripes in circles.

I like having something different to my norms enter the art room, and challenge me with design and placement :)

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