Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Felt Patchwork Christmas Stocking

After making my husband his Star Wars R2D2 Christmas stocking last year, I decided to make my own personalised stocking this year :)

You may remember seeing sneak peeks of this earlier in the year, piecing together the patchwork and these detailed sparkly sections.

The back is made from white fleece, and the front is made from a patchwork of felt. The different elements on the front involve beading, sequins, felting, hand stitching and ribbons.

I love it so much, and can't wait to (hopefully!) find it on Christmas morning...!


  1. What a cracker of a Christmas stocking Helen- no wonder you can't wait to use it!!
    Love all those fabulous details!
    Ali x

  2. That's so beautiful, will you hang it up as a Christmas decoration all December? It's far too pretty for only Father Christmas to see :) I'm making my first stocking at the moment but it's a kit, if it works out I think I might get hooked!
    I've loved all your sketch book photos, do you have a favourite page?


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