Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Refined Scribble Cards I

If you've been following along on my Facebook page, you will have noticed the progress of these!

It began like my recent piece, The Refinement of the Scribble, with paint being splashed across watercolour paper, however I then cut the paper into sections before I began drawing!

Before finally being mounted ready to be sent to friends who need smiles :)


  1. fabulous Helen - they look sooooo stunning!
    Ali x

  2. Love these :)
    Thanks also for guiding me to alisa burke's blog. Im really enjoying it !
    How are you at the moment ?

  3. Love these. Not sure if i have already commented on here. but wanted to say thanks for directing me to Alisa Burke's blog. You, and her keep me inspired to get a bit more creative ! Hope you are well as you can be atm ? Hannah x


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