Thursday, 4 July 2013

The Refinement of the Scribble

There are two artists who are inspiring me so very much at the moment. One, is Messy Canvas, whose words could be a conscious stream of my own. I love the freeform of her painting and the words she accompanies it with. The second, is Alisa Burke - I love watching her creativity combine with her husband and her daughter, and it is always encouraging to see an artist grow as a mother too. I love how she draws such detailed decorations on her toddler's artwork, the collaboration is immense.

I wanted to embrace the freedom oozing from their blogs and artwork. Creating without judging myself, but also hoping the finished work would be suitable for my latest card design.

I began with my watercolours and some wax crayons, trying to hold my brushes like a child would, creating unrefined marks as opposed to my normally precise motions. I discovered this within myself.

Next, I pulled out my fineliners. And promptly destroyed several of them as they tried to cope with the wax crayon. This pen held up the best, it's always been one of my favourites anyway. It was so therapeutic to just start with a simple circle or flower, and gradually expand it, working out shapes that flowed for me, and working past the areas I didn't like...

This was the final product, and I love it. More than I thought. I can't cut it up for cards like I wanted...

I am working on more though. This time it will be for cards. I'm cutting it up before I draw it, so I don't have to make myself cut it up after!


  1. That's so beautiful, I don't know how you can create such lovely shapes. Kids and their freedom and creativity is always beautiful (or at least I think so), I try not to think of things as 'child activity' or 'adult activity'. At the moment I'm enjoying colouring in, I've given up trying to stay very neatly in the lines and just enjoy it instead, even if it means making mistakes, as long as its fun :)

  2. OOh Helen - I LOVE it! Its right up my street - and just... sings!
    Its so hard to sometimes just let go and see where you are taken - but it feels soo good to do it!
    Looking forward to seeing more - fabulous!
    Ali x

  3. I love this, Helen... not surprised you can't bring yourself to cut it!! :) I have been trying doodling myself today... my hand hurts now and the result wasn't as great as yours but I had a lot of fun so will definitely be having another go!! :) Mine was a wordy doodle- think I might try flower motifs like yours next time :) Rachel xx

  4. Its far too good as it is, it would be a real shame to cut it up into smaller pieces! xxx

  5. What a fantastic piece of art work. I love it! The colours are fab and the doodles just really make it. I am off to check out the other blogs your mentioned. Glad to see you linking with me again :)

    Thanks for linking up!

    Sarah @ A Cat-Like Curiosity

  6. This is great ! And a lovely idea to do with my little tyke. How are you these days ? CFS monster in it's place, or rearing it's ugly head ?


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