Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Tried and Tested Tip Number 30 [Art Space Organisation]

When I moved in to this house a couple of years ago, most of my art stuff was just put wherever was easiest. The logic was lacking, and the storage solutions I had just didn't work for me. Nothing had it's place, I couldn't find anything, and I didn't know where to put anything away.

The reason why I shared so few new creations on this blog for the first 4 months of this year was because I have (with help) completely redone my art room. I thought I'd share some of this with you, to help if you're having organisation issues too!

This image gives you an idea of just how messy it was. There was no floor left to stand on and nowhere to work.

The first stage for me was boxing everything up. I tried to box like things together to make the eventual unpacking easier. Anything which wasn't necessary was boxed up properly, rubbish was thrown away, and some things found new homes. All that was left was the furniture, which was rearranged to give me a larger floor space and better storage.

The biggest difference has been some wonderful shelving put up by my father in law, allowing me easy access to all my beading and paint supplies, and lots of clear glass jars collected by myself and family members:

I LOVE these sets of plastic boxes, and they have made a huge difference to everything having it's place, and being so visually accessible. The purple and white sets came from Home Bargains (as do the larger bead cases on the bottom shelf of the above picture) and the coloured sets came from eBay, as Home Bargains had run out of stock before I had finished!

I love having everything so neat and organised, but so visually available for me to browse through. I love that everything has it's home which I can take it from and put it back in - it makes life so much easier.

Eventually I hope to have everything in clear plastic boxes, but until my budget can stretch to that I'm making do with lots of labels! At least with all these things in the same shelving unit it's easier to track things down.

There are still little bits to sort and a few things that need homes, but I am so happy with how it looks now. Drawers are labelled to minimise rummaging; the wardrobe has been reorganised to house sketchbooks and notepaper etc; I have lovely big plastic boxes to hold my papers, fabric and wool supplies; and the laundry basket holding all my rolls of papers is a huge space saver!

I also made the effort to really streamline what supplies I want to keep on my desk, making much more space for me to work on larger projects:

Anyway, I hope something in this has inspired you to help organise your creative space!


  1. Wow Helen all that time and planning has really paid off - what a fantastic work space and art room you have created. Great idea with all the clear boxes or well labelled less see-through storage facilities! I can imagine during the working through stages it would have been tough - so congratulations for getting through it all and hope you enjoy many hours working in your fab space.
    Its inspirational to know it can be done!
    Ali x

    1. Thanks Ali, it's a lovely space to work in now!
      Helen x


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