Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Tried and Tested Tip Number 29 [Ornate Crochet Butterfly II]

Following on from my previous ornate crochet butterfly, this is pattern #7002 from the butterfly section of My Picot.

Like the previous butterfly, I crocheted this with fine wool and a 2.5mm hook, but the finished size is 22cm wide by 20cm high! Not only is it larger, but it was also more complicated! The only major change I made to the pattern was to use magic rings for the circles, instead of loops of wool.

I also had some issues with the wings looking correct. I'm not sure if this is an issue with the instructions or simply how I followed them, but the right side of the stitches is not always showing in the same place on each wing, and small details like that do bother me, even if it isn't noticeable!

These patterns aren't quick and easy, but I do think they are going to make for a beautiful display of butterflies :) And My Picot do have a useful glossary of the different crochet terms and symbols you will need.



  1. this butterfly is so pretty :)

  2. Wow! What patience Helen! Your butterfy is beautiful!
    I identify with your comment about the small details!!
    Ali x

    1. Thanks Ali! It's ironic that small details bother me so much and yet I never have the patience to rework things!
      Helen x


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