Monday, 15 October 2012

Mini Hugs Canvas

I picked up a packet of these mini 7cm x 7cm canvasses a long time ago now, just waiting for an opportunity to come along for their use! They make for a lovely quick project, and I really enjoyed making this!

I created the background using a sponge and acrylic paints. I added the pattern by sponging over some of the netting that fruits come in - I have always loved this effect!

I actually used a silver marker for the writing, as it was the easiest way when working on such a small canvas! Perfect for a little space on your wall :)


  1. Wow! How cool - I only just realised how small thsese the colours and the net effects! The quote is great too!
    Perhaps you could do one for your EartH quote?
    Looking forward to seeing some more!
    Ali x

    1. Thanks Ali! That's a great idea about the other quote, will have to have a think about it :)
      Helen x


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